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Colouring & Perming


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Colouring, Tinting, Ballyage, Ombre,  Mermaid, Pastel, Highlights,

Colouring your hair: a fun way to change your image. Choose a colour that makes a statement about you.

Colouring slices or strands of hair one or more shades lighter then your own colour or adding golden or red tones to add depth and movement. These techniques also emphasises your cut and show off layered hair. These are great way to experience change of colour without complete coverage.

PRICE LIST  *Senior's Prices apply Tues, Wed


Standard Price

Senior's Price*

Permanent Tint 45 41
Semi Permanent 41 37
Full Head Woven Highlights 63 58
Half Head Woven Highlights 50 45
Parting 35 31
Cap 46 41
Colour in between 15
Colour Correction Price On Application.
Supplement for Long Hair 10


Perming: is a great way to add volume to achieve the current Hollywood glamour styles. We can chemically change the structure of your hair to add bounce, body, waves and curls to create a new look that suits the styles of today and lasts up to 12 weeks.

 Price of a perm includes a cut and finish    *Senior'sPrices apply Tues, Wed

Description Standard Price Senior's Price*
Full Head Perm 63 58
Acid Perm Full Head 66 60
Partial Perm 53 48
Chemical Straightening


For Long /Extra Thick Hair Add  5 Add  5