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Terms & Conditions 


From time to time we print promotional codes, offer discount vouchers and design offers to promote ‘The Salon at Prestwood’ and their services.

The following are terms and conditions that apply when redeeming our vouchers or taking advantage of the offers & promotions.  Please read carefully. Please ask for clarification prior to receiving the treatment if you are unsure of the meaning.

  • Mention the offer, or  voucher  code when booking your appointment
  • Discounts are not valid retrospectively on appointments already booked
  • Offer only applies to the service detailed on the voucher e.g. hairdressing services.
  • Discount vouchers are valid for the period of time stated in the offer.
  • 48 hour colour patch test must be undertaken prior to any new colouring process.
  • A ‘Cut’ or ‘Trim’ is a haircut that reduces the overall length of your hair without changing the style.
  • A ‘Re-style’ is a change to your current style and will require the stylist to spend more time overall and therefore is charged at a higher rate.
  • ‘Short’ hair - extends to your chin at the longest point
  • ‘Medium’ length hair – reaches your shoulders.
  • ‘Long’ hair - extends past your shoulders.
  • No further discount will be given if a finish is not required.
  • A ‘Senior Citizen’ is someone who is 65 plus years of age.
  • A ‘Student’ is someone who is in full time further education e.g. attending College or University; proof may be requested.
  • Purchased Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date written on the Gift Voucher at time of purchase.
  • Prices are correct at time of website update, although these are subject to change. Check prices with salon which may have been updated before this website.
  • Face covering to be worn by all clients attending an appointment.

Updated:  29.09.2020